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Café Brasserie Cinq

Interior Design

Architect Kalpak Bhandari principal Architect at VEEKAS studios has had many projects up his sleeves which emphasise aesthetics and innovation with ample control of the budget, as well. Today, we present to you his French-inspired design at Café Brasserie Cinq. One glance and you are transported to the rustic, cobbled streets of France with its array of gorgeous cafes, lined up. The Café exudes warmth with its burnt bricks adding an ancient character, while the bright yellow hues of the door and windows, get you to stop in your tracks and notice. Like every other element, the floor is the reminiscence of the well-trodden walkways of tiny European towns.

Asha Villa


The father and son duo of Veekas Studio, who bring innovation and creativity on the same platter of design. Hear them unravel the story behind designing Asha villa, a project close to their heart. 18,000 sq. feet and 5 residents, Kalpak Bhandari talks about what went into this unique and beautiful creation. Built with white marble, Italian furnishing and a lot of wood, all being client’s favorite, this space was envisioned equally by Veekas Studio and the clients, something Kalpak absolutely appreciates. And listen to this, with the heavy emphasis on green components, every drop of water at the villa is recycled, even the drain water which is later used for gardening. Sustainability has been a key factor, so key that the inhabitants of the villa use air-conditioning only in peak summers and the rest of the seasons it’s all about natural ventilation, thanks to Veekas Studio’s planning."

Ar. Ketan Jawdekar

Ar. Ketan Jawdekar's Project "Trikaya"


When innovation and creativity are the mainstay of a design studio, each completed work is more of an art piece than space design. Each project is different from the other and hence exclusive! This is what clients expect from Ar. Ketan Jawdekar. Flavors From The East Trikaya, a Sanskrit term refers to three forms of Buddha. Space is divided into three main functions: fiSpacene dining, lounge and banquet areas. The concept being Pan Asian, Adopting South East Architecture focusing more on getting close to nature and natural elements are the key criteria in designing. The client wanted the rooftop of a shopping center, to be open and the enclosed area housing Pan Asian cuisine in fine dining, open-air lounge, and dining on weekends. So the entire space was to be divided into three parts. Arising close and personal with Mother Nature was the potential aim behind this project, creating a smooth transition of open and enclosed spaces. Discussing the challenges conquered, Ar. Jawdekar says, “The positioning of the existing services imposed the division of spaces, which were difficult to merge with the flow in totality. Smooth transition of spaces, letting the landscape flow inside while an enclosed space to merge with the outside, without compromising on the functionality was the challenge. Lush green hills around the site were an added advantage. Contemporary styling as a base, we decided to add glimpses of South Eastern elements to arrive at the final solution.”


Anisha Agrawal's Project


Anisha Agrawal Interior Designer specializes in Interior Designing and end to end solutions for wide spectrum of project foraying into Residential and Commercial interior spaces. Established in 2010, Anisha Agrawal Interior Designer strongly believe that good design is a result of careful study and research, with due diligence to technical aspects and artistic envisioning. They focus on delivering a unique product for their clients considering the details, proportions and scale, with an objective to ensure the best yield out of the available space in line with the Client Requirements. With an emphasis on meticulous detailing combined with a "naturally elegant" approach to design, the Anisha Agrawal Interior Designer firm's philosophy is strongly Customer centric.

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