Shaping Visionaries

We are a digital architecture content company leveraging technology to endorse architects and interior designers. Our work involves exhibiting their creations and getting them in touch with leads. There is a huge gap between true professionals and potential customers and a major portion of this gap is occupied by commercial service providers whose major concern is about the profit they make. Understanding this gap, brings professionals and customers together on one platform.

Spaciux is a transparent platform to find highly skilled architecture professionals including architects, interior designers, and allied professionals to document their work so it can be noticed by the world. We are also the ideal solution for architecture students to look up to after the completion of their education, so they have a credible place to showcase their works. Using Technology as the Ladder

At Spaciux, we believe that technology is the only way to capture the past and showcase it to the future, and hence we make the most of technology to capture the best of the architecture community so professionals have the right opportunity to present their vision and share their stories and inspire future generations. Spaciux acts as a transparent middleman between the architecture community and clients so professionals find projects, people and tools easily while clients have access to authentic, professional service providers.