Ar. Omprakash Thakrani

Ar. Omprakash Thakrani

Omprakash Thakrani Design

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way…and OTA has always come up with out-of-box ideas …!! Omprakash Thakrani Architects established in 2016 led by Principal Architect Omprakash Thakrani, OTA is a Design & Consultancy Architectural Firm that is committed to Innovation, and Functionality in Modern Design. The firm deals in Commercial, Residential projects in and around Nagpur. "Whenever we design a space, we are in fact creating an experience; it’s far more than how pretty or ‘cool’ something looks. It’s about how we as humans interact within these spaces, it’s about poetic harmony, it's about utmost usability, efficiency, sustainability...and it’s about how it makes us feel." added by Principal Architect Omprakash Thakrani.

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Ar. Omprakash Thakrani
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