Ar. Anil Ranka

Ar. Anil Ranka

Anil Ranka Architects (ARA)

"In today’s episode of Spaciux’s web series, Anil Ranka from Anil Ranka Architects introduces us to a project from their recent past, Kalantri House. A house which feels like home without compromising on the luxury of design and culminates into a remarkable looking residence. Built over a space of almost 9000 sq. ft., this penthouse was once upon a time, two different apartments. To join them together and transform it into a dream home, stepped in Architect Anil Ranka and team. It’s tough to bring together two different structures, the bream grade, the columns, everything is a massive challenge. Intelligently, they decided to break down the walls and relocate the layout as per Vastu, which was something the client demanded. Introducing skylights to brighten up the place with natural light is where the stepping stone of the design, was placed."

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Ar. Anil Ranka
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