Ar. Ketan Jawdekar's Project "Trikaya"

Project Description

When innovation and creativity are the mainstay of a design studio, each completed work is more of an art piece than space design. Each project is different from the other and hence exclusive! This is what clients expect from Ar. Ketan Jawdekar. Flavors From The East Trikaya, a Sanskrit term refers to three forms of Buddha. Space is divided into three main functions: fiSpacene dining, lounge and banquet areas. The concept being Pan Asian, Adopting South East Architecture focusing more on getting close to nature and natural elements are the key criteria in designing. The client wanted the rooftop of a shopping center, to be open and the enclosed area housing Pan Asian cuisine in fine dining, open-air lounge, and dining on weekends. So the entire space was to be divided into three parts. Arising close and personal with Mother Nature was the potential aim behind this project, creating a smooth transition of open and enclosed spaces. Discussing the challenges conquered, Ar. Jawdekar says, “The positioning of the existing services imposed the division of spaces, which were difficult to merge with the flow in totality. Smooth transition of spaces, letting the landscape flow inside while an enclosed space to merge with the outside, without compromising on the functionality was the challenge. Lush green hills around the site were an added advantage. Contemporary styling as a base, we decided to add glimpses of South Eastern elements to arrive at the final solution.”



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