Project Description

" the design ideology and efforts behind Verandah on The Roof, a much appreciated and acclaimed project from the design house. Staying true to the philosophy which is functional, minimalist and yet beautiful, this residential project speaks volumes as soon as you set eyes on it. A residential project, Verandah on The Roof is a transitional space between the upper and lower floor. Space which has been designed to incorporate the soul of the inhabitants, their hobbies, passions, and activities. Placed on the 12th floor of a building it’s a space of their own, created for the love for books, plants, and food. Inclusive of a library, pantry and terrace garden, the project demanded the removal of some walls in both literal and design sense. With no walls between the staircase and room, space flows through from the lower to the upper floor and eventually to the terrace with no inhibitions or obstacles. Yet, there are elements like the wooden façade which still bring in the cozy, enclosed and private feel along with the earthy undertones and smartly thought through interiors. It gives you the choice to open up or simply stay in."



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