Ar. Kalpak Bhandari

Ar. Kalpak Bhandari

Vekas Studio

Meet the father and son duo of Veekas Studio, who bring innovation and creativity on the same platter of design. Hear them unravel the story behind designing Asha villa, a project close to their heart. 18,000 sq. feet and 5 residents, Kalpak Bhandari talks about what went into this unique and beautiful creation. Built with white marble, Italian furnishing and a lot of wood, all being client’s favorite, this space was envisioned equally by Veekas Studio and the clients, something Kalpak absolutely appreciates. And listen to this, with the heavy emphasis on green components, every drop of water at the villa is recycled, even the drain water which is later used for gardening. Sustainability has been a key factor, so key that the inhabitants of the villa use air-conditioning only in peak summers and the rest of the seasons it’s all about natural ventilation, thanks to Veekas Studio’s planning.

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Ar. Kalpak Bhandari
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